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Amber Hardy possesses an ethereal beauty only heightened by her vocal prowess. Stunning both in spirit and song, her voice captivates audiences and transports them to a world of harmony, melody and sound that both intrigues and provokes.

Singing everything from house to blues to a jazz reggae fusion, Amber has shared the stage with  Donny Osmond to Liza Minellie as well as opening up for Ziggy Marley, Ken Boothe, and I wayne, and has sung with Dawn Penn, Jay Douglas, To name a few.   The genuine love Amber Hardy has for music is obvious when listening to her. The joy and passion she exudes is contagious. To put in her own words, "…There is something Magical about performing for an audience, telling a story. I can only hope that I can make you feel the same love and passion I do for music with each note".  Currently working on her EP, and is a main feature in many of Toronto’s summer festivals you can find her first single "Keep Me Close" on iTunes or for you jazz lovers check out her version of "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" on Reverb Nation. 

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