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We are committed to excellence in all that we do!


Our prices beat the competition and our creativity is second to none.


Whether you're a musician/artist working on your original body of work; or an advertising agency looking for the perfect jingle, The DNA Project has what you're looking for!


Session musicians as well as mixing/mastering services are available.


We are brought together by life, love and music - it's in our DNA!


Our top-notch studio musicians will give your music a world-class sound!

The DNA Project production team is a tight network of highly skilled and established session musicians and producers that are ready to put their magic into your music. Not only do they groove and sound amazing, but are also very affordable to independent singers/songwriters, musicians and producers.


We are studio musicians AND artists ourselves!

All of the samples you hear on this web site were created by The DNA Project production team members; each an expert in their own respective field.


The following Studio Musicians are available for your convenience.

To read more about each service and to get pricing contact us now.


Available musicians (inquire about instruments not listed below!)


Session Drummer

Forget the drum plugins and other time-consuming toys designed to only assist during production. If you are serious about the groove and feel of your music, then you need the real thing. We will lay the drum tracks to your music that will breathe movement and punch into your songs. Real acoustic drums are some of the hardest instruments to capture right, but we are experts in it.  


Session Bassist

Our groovy bass players will provide a solid, clear and hypnotic foundation to your music. Good feel performed on the highest quality instruments and captured through high-quality gear will ensure you get the best possible results. They will perfectly compliment our drum tracks for powerful rhythm section drive.


Session Guitarist

Tell us what guitar sounds and style you are after and we'll bring your vision to life. Our session guitarists have an incredible array of knowledge and a huge palette of sounds to draw from to get the results you will simply love.


Session Keyboardist

You will be supplied with both the stereo audio file and the MIDI information, to enable you to further manipulate and change the sounds. We offer a vast range of sounds ranging from vintage keyboards, to acoustic pianos and lush contemporary synth pads. Tell us what you hear in your head and we'll give our best to find the right sound to match it.


Session Horn Player

There is nothing like the REAL Horn section, especially when it is comprised of top-notch session players!
Choose between sax, flute of trumpet, and trombone when ordering horn section.


Session Vocalist

We understand that not every great voice is right for each song. We will find you the right voice to fit your music from our selection of session vocalists. 


Let's get you connected with the best talent!

Toll Free: 1 (800) 568-6522 

Ontario: 1 (905) 497-3621

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