Let's start with WHY!

April 27, 2023

By browsing through our website or hearing our musicians live, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we do. Live music! In our opinion, even more important than what we do, is why we do it. Music has some unique attributes making it a universal language, a healer, and a shared friend. Well, we consider ourselves fortunate for each opportunity to share our gifts with you through song, dance and music; but it gets even deeper than that.  

Music is creativity and inspiration. We are creators, here to inspire. Playing music, and exchanging energy, with our client along with your guests, friends and family is amazing, but having the chance to inspire is a great responsibility that we take very seriously both on and off the stage. It’s our goal to live a life filled with grace and harmony knowing that each decision we make, each interaction that we have, is a chance to invoke the depths of greatness both in ourselves and those around us.

After the event is over and the months of planning are a distant memory, we want the service that we offered to you and your team to be noted as exemplary! We live each day as if it’s our chance to leave it all on the “stage” for you.

 In our story, our clients & those we might impact are the heroes and the positive reviews that we receive are a part of the daily motivation. We are taking this moment to simply say, thank YOU for allowing us to share our gifts. We enjoy each moment from answering your initial call/email, and then guiding you through the entertainment options to ultimately bringing your vision to existence through music.

Sharing the gift of music and live entertainment!

Anthony Lewis

The DNA Project Team


"We are brought together by life, love and music - it's in our DNA!"