Live Entertainment Restrictions 2021

April 27, 2023

When will Live Entertainment Return?

What if we were to tell you that Live Entertainment has not gone anywhere?

2021 has been off to a very interesting start, to say the least! The Live Entertainment industry has suffered greatly from the heavy restrictions placed on performance and closures of restaurants, halls and music venues. While many couples have decided to postpone their weddings until a future date, and many corporations have halted all company-wide Galas, AGMs etc; others have made the move to micro and virtual performances.

Technology for performance and Live Streaming platforms have really stepped up during this time, allowing for some high quality music presentations to be offered to clients, fans and supporters over the internet. Websites such as, YouTube and EventsAir have transformed the way that live performances are handled, with the ability to enjoy performances from the comfort of your own home or office. 

In an environment where shows such as versus and many popular virtual game shows are all the rave, we have also been able to offer our premium entertainment packages for both live music and DJs via virtual streaming platforms including Zoom and YouTube Live! Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the high level of customization and interaction available with our performers. In fact, we’re still able to take requests live from the chat room on a given platform, or wave to guests while they engage in the performance. 

In the age of micro-events, and pivoting to new ways of connecting with others, we are pleased to be offering you our live streaming options in order to keep live music alive!

For more information on the live entertainment services available in your region please contact us by phone or email.



Is live Music allowed?

Yes, just depending on restrictions were you reside.

Can live music be played outside?

We have been permitted to play live music outdoors for private events for any events that are able to take place.

Can you play live music over zoom?

With the help of our amazing crew and tech team, we have continued performing for virtual events over Zoom and other streaming platforms!