The Development Network for Artists

April 27, 2023

Now more than ever musicians are finding it increasingly more difficult to secure steady work. Although there has been a major shift to virtual events requiring live music elements with regular performances on hold and event sizes at a minimum, we are working extra hard to support local musicians with your help!

Vision: To stimulate the love of music in our community by enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring our audience.  

The DNA Initiative (Development Network for Artists)

The ability of music to bring people together and foster positive community relationships is evidenced by what occurs every time we go to a great live performance. ​​ Together, we help to provide a platform for local and upcoming artists to showcase their talents throughout our incredibly diverse city.  As artists and musicians ourselves, we have lived through these struggles and worked with hundreds more that have tried to overcome these hurdles as well. I am sure as you read through this you can also think of one or two brilliant artists that are having a hard time getting support in the key areas we want to assist in. They try and fail due to lack of support, financial barriers and high costs of marketing/branding for exposure.  With limited resources, they all try to stand out from the crowd, but few are fortunate enough to be noticed. We can't find all of the hidden talented gems, but we dedicate our time and resources to trying.

The DNA (Development Network for Artists) Initiative’s goal is to provide an opportunity for artists to perform in a live professional live setting backed by a band and to support the development of artists who wish to make a cultural contribution to their community. We want to help top talent thrive and be compensated for a lifetime of learning, practicing and perfecting their craft.

Key areas for us to support artists:

1. Live & Virtual Shows - providing a platform of support for us to enable artists to perform on quality stages without the financial burden. Artists will also be given the option to sell merchandise at each show and promote their brand.

2. Workshops  - Allowing performers to teach master classes in their designated areas of expertise within the artist community. We are working on designing an interactive classroom setting for our facilitators to share their knowledge and experience with a group of peers & students.

3. Studio Time  - We'll give artists access to a full range of recording tools from recording, to mixing & mastering. 

The benefits of community engagement with music are multifaceted and wide ranging. This is a great opportunity to really participate in supporting our local music scene and assisting local artists on a grassroots level.  With your contributions we can ensure a low barrier to entry and allow more of Canada's diverse talent the ability to share their gifts. There is no question that music helps to promote individual confidence, reduce anxiety and improve social relationships which is why when you want people to bond, music is a universal tool for making that happen.  

The DNA Project is an entertainment company that offers a wide range of live entertainment for corporate and private events. We have performed all over the country working with a diverse group of talented local artists. We have seen how difficult it is for even award winning independent artists to put on a show on their own. Together we can BE the change we always want to see for our community and give our talented artists a place to perform. Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated, thank you for your support!

For more information on supporting local artists please contact us

Main: 905-497-DNA1 (3621) 

Toll Free: 1 (800) 568-6522 ext 710