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April 27, 2023

The Podcast, The Space...

At The DNA Project we live everyday with the intention of inspiring others through conversation, through music and through admiration. Considering ourselves privileged to work in a space that allows us to consistently connect with people, we have decided to share the insights that inspire us through conversations with some of the movers and shakers in our Canadian music industry. Our guests include Grammy and Juno award winning artists, Music Industry Executives, Music Professors and Researchers, Entertainment Attorneys, Event Planning Planners and more!

The DNA Airwaves is a weekly podcast that delivers engaging discussions and insights on life, love and music by some of Canada's top minds in entertainment and business. Engaging with our local community and the music we love; because it’s in our DNA! The hosts of our weekly podcast are Diriki Palmer (Co-Owner The MPL) alongside Anthony Lewis, recorded at The MPL with our shows producer, Mat Keselman. 

The MPL is a Modular Film & Audio Studio located in Toronto featuring a Green Screen, Music Production Studio, Audio Post Production and Foley Work and Sound Design. The MPL is also home to the DNA Airwaves Podcast. Right next door to our film studio lies a completely sound-proof and acoustically treated, fully-equipped audio post facility with exceptional video capabilities. The studio is designed to accommodate large and small projects with state of the art equipment and inspiring comfort. The MPL audio post studio can also be used in conjunction with the film studio for superior on-set audio functionality with real time recording, playback, processing, and monitoring direct feed from the camera. Your sound team can leave their equipment at home, and they will love you for it.

In addition to providing a place for our artists to record their personal music projects it’s also the hub for our Development Network for Artists (DNA) Initiative housing studio time as well as workshops for our talent.

The Photography Studio

Whether you shoot models, products, or both; a spacious, quiet, and inspiring space is one of the keys to beautiful and fruitful results. Of course, the other key is functionality. The MPL offers all of these elements in a beautifully roomy, elegant, and accommodating environment you can proudly bring your clients to.

Photos of the space
The Green Screen

Photography Studio

Live Room (Booth)

For information regarding Film and Audio recording work or the DNA Airwaves Podcast, please contact us.

Email podcast@theDNAproject.ca

Phone 1(800)568-6522