The keys to choosing the right wedding entertainment!

April 27, 2023

Choosing the right type of music can definitely set the tone for your wedding and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Here are some tips for selecting the right type of music for each part of your wedding day:

  1. Ceremony: During the ceremony, you may want to opt for classical or instrumental music that complements the solemn and romantic atmosphere. Some popular choices include classical pieces by composers like Bach or Mozart, or contemporary instrumental music.
  2. Cocktail hour: During the cocktail hour, you can choose to have some light and upbeat background music that creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You can go for jazz, acoustic covers of popular songs, or even instrumental versions of your favourite songs.
  3. Dinner: During the dinner, you may want to keep the music low-key and relaxing, so that guests can enjoy their meal and engage in conversation. You can choose to have some soft background music such as jazz, acoustic, or easy listening.
  4. Dance portion: During the dance portion of the reception, the music should be upbeat and energetic to get everyone out on the dance floor. You can choose a live band and a DJ that specialize in playing the type of music that you and your guests enjoy, whether that be pop, rock, R&B, country, or any other genre.

Remember to communicate your music preferences to your wedding planner, DJ, and band so that they can create the perfect playlist for your special day. Communication is key when it comes to ensuring that the music for your wedding is exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to give specific song requests or even a do-not-play list to your music provider. You can also consider creating a customized playlist for the dance portion of the reception, so that you can be sure that your favourite songs will be played.

It's also important to consider the preferences of your guests when selecting music. While it's your special day, you want to make sure that your guests are having a good time too. Ask for input from close family and friends to get a sense of what type of music they would enjoy, and try to incorporate some of those preferences into the playlist.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone attending your wedding, and the right music can definitely help achieve that.


In addition to the tips mentioned above, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the timing: Be sure to allow enough time for the music provider to set up and test their equipment before the wedding starts. You should also consider the length of each portion of the wedding day and plan the music accordingly.
  2. Think about the space: Consider the size and layout of the venue when selecting the music. A live band might be a better option for a larger space, while a DJ may work better for a smaller space.
  3. Be open to suggestions: Your music provider may have suggestions for songs or artists that you haven't considered, so be open to their ideas. They are professionals and may have some great insights on what works well for weddings.
  4. Don't forget the special moments: Think about any special moments during the wedding day, such as the first dance or the bouquet toss, and choose music that enhances those moments.

By keeping these things in mind and communicating with your music provider, you can ensure that the music for your wedding is exactly what you want and creates a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Even armed with the information above and your vision for your perfect entertainment, finding the right entertainment vendor is still not easy. Where do you even begin to look? We're happy to answer all of your questions, and if we don't offer it, chances are we'll know someone who does.

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