What should a band cost? 3 Key points to consider now!

July 13, 2020

We are all lovers of music & have probably even spent a good amount of money over time on everything from albums, concert tickets to now streaming subscriptions. Most of us consider ourselves to be very informed on the standard costs associated with enjoying music whether live or recorded in various forms including the recent re-emergence of vinyl records. Now it’s time for you to plan your event, you can picture the room nicely decorated full of your guests enjoying a good time and great music, perfect. Now, let’s make it happen. First, which band can you count on to make your dream a memory to cherish forever. Regardless of where you live, odds are that shuffling through a list of bands generated through a google search is similar to the experience you’d have narrowing down the best web designer by using an online query. If you’ve tried this, then you are familiar with the overwhelming feeling of trying to find a needle in a haystack. The gems are out there, but where do you even begin?

Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you narrow down your perfect entertainment, as well as negotiate an option that fits your budget!

1. Define the type of event that you are having.

Most events fall into one of two categories: weddings or social events. 

North American weddings typically are broken down into 4 sections of the day. It’s important to note the opportunities for live vs recorded music during each of these sections (Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Party). Social events generally require music during cocktail/dinner and occasionally will have a party portion. While it is nice to have live music during each section of the day, the costs can add up quickly due to equipment logistics & time requirements. It helps to prioritize each section and determine which portion of the day absolutely must have live music.

2. Do you want live or recorded music?

While live music can add a great amount of energy to the room, there are also instances where the DJ may be better suited for your preferences. Consider the type of music that you would like played. A conversation regarding the type of music that you prefer to have played and best options specific to your particular tastes will leave you confident that you have made the right decision. 

3. Let’s consider the band sizes available!

When considering the style of music that you’d like we also look into details such as room and stage size. Does your space allow for 2 performers or 10? For further insight a group of 2 may just need a few metres space where a large band may need a stage up to 20’ x 20’. Here is some performance information to take into account: 

  1. It’s important to also consider whether the music will be background or foreground music. For example, do you want music that guests can talk and hold a conversation over?
  2. What’s your budget? With a realistic expectation of what you plan to spend, you’ll have an open, concise conversation of available options that make sense for your budget.
  3. Combining live and recorded music is also an opportunity to save space and money. Perhaps you’d like to consider having a solo musician (such as saxophone or electric violin) play alongside your DJ adding the perfect balance of live/recorded music.
  4. Are you concerned with impressing your friends with an elaborate Orchestra or do you prefer a more low-key set-up? It’s important for both you and your band manager to understand the true inspiration behind your vision.

It’s very important that you are comfortable with the entertainment that you have chosen. Be sure to spend time going through videos along with reviews from previous clients. Usually when we find the right match in a service based company as consumers, we just feel it! Above all, make sure that you feel connected to the company, band or brand that you select to work with; trust your gut. It is said that price is only ever an issue when the VALUE is absent. 

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