6 Out of the Box event Ideas that pair well with live music!

March 9, 2024

There’s one thing that we know for certain - music can elevate any room at any event.  Imagine a world with no music. Silence while you shop, while you drive, and even worse, the awkward silence at all the wrong times during live events.

Here are 6 out-of-the-box steps ideas to consider when planning your next event

1. Food Truck Festival

With the rising popularity of food trucks this is a no brainer for any outdoor event enthusiast. Nothing says summer like being outside surrounded by great food, good people and awesome music!

2. Standup Comedy

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? A fun-filled evening with comedy added can certainly de-stress your employees and add an unexpected element of entertainment during your event.

3. Live Sketching

It’s art overload; Art inspired by art! What better paired with soothing background music than live painting or sketching as your guests eat or mingle. 

4. Karaoke Night/Talent Show

Imagine your staff singing backed by a professional band as an icebreaker during your event! Or if that’s not for you, what about your staff selecting the songs that the band plays during a segment of your event! 

5. Dance/Workout Session

High energy anyone? Let’s get those dance (or workout) shoes ready and cue up the band for an evening of excitement. 

6. Themed Night

Let’s get creative with this one. Themed nights can be based on movies, eras, seasons. Here’s a list of some interesting ideas to incorporate into a themed night!

  • 1920’s themed
  • Movie/TV Show
  • Disco Party
  • Casino Night
  • Roller Skating Party!

These are just a few ideas to inspire a new breath of life into your next event. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning your corporate party.

Should I have live music at a corporate event?

Consider your budget first. Live music is more expensive but very impactful. Consider working in a mix of live and recorded music to reap the benefits of both!
Now you’re ready to select the perfect music for your event!